Susan B. Anthony Chapter

Long Beach, California

DAR Project Patriot

Helping Those Who Serve and Protect 

DAR Project Patriot is a program that is focused in supporting service personnel at home and abroad. DAR chapters are encouraged to help in any way appropriate. The Susan B. Anthony Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution has chosen to give back to our troops in more ways than one. In the past, we've come together by adopting units overseas and now we help in supplying the USO with needed goods and items for traveling soldiers and families.      

The Susan B. Anthony Chapter launched its Project Patriot plan, which included collecting items for care packages for our adopted soldiers. Many of our members made neck coolers and knitted helmet liners. We have held several Project Patriot workshops with the help of SBA chapter members and their families. Together, we were able to accomplish our goals of packing the many boxes to send off to our adopted soldiers. We had plenty to learn in the process, during which we discovered there were specific packing strategies and rules to adhere to, however, with much determination and diligence, our efforts were successful. 

The Susan B. Anthony Chapter, in the past, has donated: 300+ gift boxes, 45 "Take a troop to the movies" bags, 62 helmet liners, 150 neck coolers, $700 in phone cards.


DAR Service to Veterans

Whether representing DAR at Veterans Affairs Voluntary Service (VAVS) meetings, hosting a bingo party, holding a baby shower, assisting with special events, adopting families for Operation Santa, or decorating Christmas trees, our chapter members are proud to serve the veterans at the Long Beach VA Hospital.  The joy of helping a veteran, listening to their stories, or seeing a child's face light up when they receive a Christmas present – what could be more rewarding!  Veterans are very appreciative of our service.